Our employees are the backbone and the most important component of our company.
We care about complying with our values and constantly making each other better.

We are continuously working on becoming the best version of ourselves, and we have developed a Human Growth Plan to support this process. The plan is about getting to know and understand each other’s personality profiles in order to get the most out of each other, but it is also about self-development. We define targets for ourselves and our employees, and we strive to constantly focus on and work towards these.

Apart from supporting the self-development of our employees, we offer employee benefits such as healthy lunch service, massage service, ergonomical check, coaching, remote working option, annual health check, company yoga class and free training at our subsidiary HUSET I_RO.

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Unfortunately there are no job vacancies at the present time.

Our company grows continuously, and we invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, where new vacancies are being posted (in Danish).

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Anniversary Film

Click on the image to get an insight into our company and its history through our 90-year anniversary film.

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We keep your application for six months from the date of receiving it. This is to allow you to be considered for future relevant vacancies.

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