Thygesen Textile Group is a family-owned textile group.

Parents Niels Laurits and Kirsten Thygesen and their children Anne Thygesen, Jens Thygesen, Morten Thygesen, and Marie Thygesen all hold equal shares of ownership. The company is currently run by the third generation of the family, headed by Jens and Morten Thygesen.

The Thygesen family has designed, manufactured, and sold textile solutions since 1931. Their passion has always been making a difference for their community, for their partners, and for their employees, not least. Working with and adhering to the company values means a lot to the family. It is important to the family that they themselves as leaders as well as their employees become the best version of themselves – both on the job and in their personal lives. Therefore, the company implements a Human Growth Plan. This plan does not have an end date, as continuous personal and corporate growth is among the key concepts for the long-standing textile group.

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Niels Laurits Thygesen

Email: nlthygesen@ttg.dk

Tel.: +45 40 81 00 81

Kirsten K. Thygesen



Jens Thygesen
CEO & Partner

Email: jt@thygesen.dk

Tel.: +45 22 80 88 61

Morten Thygesen
CEO & Partner

Email: mt@thygesen.dk

Tel.: +45 40 19 59 83

Marie Thygesen


Anne Thygesen
Partner & Store Manager at