Responsibility Strategy

Below you can read about the points that better apparel is working on and/or has achieved in relation to our responsibility strategy:

better apparel has developed and issued a Code of Conduct as well as other relevant policies regarding child labor, anti-corruption, chemical restrictions, and more. These have been returned signed by the suppliers. At the same time, an onboarding procedure has been developed for new suppliers.

All suppliers have provided information on where better apparel’s goods are produced, and a procedure has been developed for maintaining this information.

An audit program has been established, where the minimum requirement for all suppliers is a BSCI audit. Ongoing follow-ups are conducted for the renewal of these audits and assistance with any improvements after the audit results.

better apparel depends on customer requirements for materials. However, we have a supply chain that enables us to offer certified products – both in organic and recycled materials. Currently, fiber consumption for 2022 has been mapped, so we will be able to track the improvements in the future.


better apparel has had a satisfactory result from the employee surveys.