Responsibility Strategy

Below, you can read about the points that INNFLOW is working on and/or has achieved in relation to our responsibility strategy:

INNFLOW has worked with social and environmental responsibility for many years and operates in accordance with internationally recognized principles and policies for corporate social responsibility.

All suppliers have been mapped to Tier 1, and resources have been allocated internally to manage the data and ensure progress.

An audit program has been developed to identify potential supplier risks, and a product testing program has been established to ensure compliance with requirements.

INNFLOW depends on customer requirements for materials, but a better alternative can always be suggested to the customer.

INNFLOW has achieved satisfactory results in employee surveys.

INNFLOW will increase the number of certified suppliers by 10% by 2025.

INNFLOW will establish requirements to increase the proportion of recycled content in their polybags with all customers by 2028.

INNFLOW will map to tier 2 with their strategically important suppliers.

INNFLOW will prepare a material guide for our customers.

INNFLOW will reduce Co2 emissions in connection with Scope 3.