Responsibility Strategy

Below, you can read about the requirements that Thygesen Textile Group as a group sets forth:

Companies must at a minimum distribute a Code of Conduct and chemical restrictions to their production units.

Companies must at a minimum map their supply chain up to Tier 1 and establish systems for recording additional Tiers.

There should, at a minimum, be a procurement policy with a focus on people and the environment in place, along with a defined audit program, and resources allocated for its follow-up.

At a minimum, a test program must be established and a design and material strategy developed.

It is a requirement that the employees of the companies annually score their job satisfaction with a minimum rating of 4 and respond to the legally mandated Workplace Assessment (APV) sent out every 3 years.

In 2022, we calculated our Scope 2 CO2e emissions at our own locations and are working on setting improvement goals. We still need to measure emissions from our own vehicles, which we will include in the 2023 calculations.

Scope 3 emissions must also be measured, but it is quite complex. Therefore, we have divided it into the following parts, which we will focus on in 2023:

• Measure inbound transport emissions
• Measure outbound transport emissions
• Collect data from external suppliers on emissions
• Measure emissions from products

We sort waste at all locations but lack sorting for certain fractions and measuring the quantity of waste.

Currently, we have over 50% of women in the company’s leadership. We are currently lacking a recruitment policy, but since we have focused our initial attention on the core of the star and achieving the most important goals to us, this point has not been a primary focus.

We want to communicate more about what we do and have a text on the website that we update quarterly. Additionally, we need to develop a communication strategy in this area, where the desire to inform and educate is paramount. Furthermore, we would like to create an annual ESG report.