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Thygesen Textile Group A/S appoints new director of subsidiary better apparel A/S as of 01.01.2023

On 20.12.2022, Thygesen Textile Group A/S acquired all shares and the management of better apparel A/S. The goal is to continue to operate the company in the core business area of ‘private label production’ of women’s clothing.

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EASE.DK changes its name to “better apparel” and expands the group of owners with two strong profiles.

As of 1 October 2022, EASE.DK, a subsidiary of Thygesen Textile Group, will get two new co-owners in Claus Bak Mikkelsen and Bianca Lindhøj, who have acquired 39% and 10%, respectively. Thygesen Textile Group still owns 51% of the company.

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Online Textile Solutions takes over the CCDK Copenhagen brand

As of 1 September, Online Textile Solutions (OTS), a subsidiary of Thygesen Textile Group A/S, has taken over all activities related to the CCDK Copenhagen brand.

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New Chairman of the Board for Thygesen Textile Group A/S

Svend Aage Færch Nielsen, former CCO of Ege Carpets and current chairman of the board of Bæredygtigt Herning and Nørhaven, has been appointed chairman of the board of Thygesen Textile Group A/S on 27.10.2021.

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Alignment of drive, dreams and digitalisation paid off

Three Ds converged when a new company saw the light of day. The alignment between drive, dreams and digitalisation resulted in Thygesen Textile Group A/S founding a new subsidiary in cooperation with a local e-commerce expert on 1 October 2021.

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Ambitious Textile Company Mobilises in Several Respects

The textile company Innflow A/S in Vejen is on the move and mobilising in several respects, so it can continue its expansion as a strong partner in the retail and special sectors.

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Thygesen Textile Group and GOYOGI Focus Jointly on Responsibility and Children’s Welfare

Thygesen Textile Group has acquired 52% of the shares of the yoga company GOYOGI. The perfect match between the two companies will allow focusing on responsibility and improving children’s welfare.

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Record Result for Thygesen Textile Group A/S

Thygesen Textile Group A/S exits 2020 with significant growth in turnover and profit, partly due to a breakthrough in Vietnam. The consolidated earnings reached DKK 55.7 millions, and the year’s net result was DKK 44.2 millions, close to twice the preceding year’s result.

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90-year Anniversary

The company Thygesen Textile Group celebrated its 90-year anniversary in 2021.

We are very proud of and humbled by having designed, manufactured, and sold textile products for 90 years – both via own brands and as private label. A big thanks to clients, suppliers, partners, and business contacts, who have accompanied us through the years. Not least, a sincere thanks to our dedicated employees, who are the foundation as well as the prerequisite for our success.