Our Values and Conduct

We care about our company values and about constantly making each other, our partners, and our clients better.

  • We trust that we do the best we can to contribute positively to TTG.
  • We trust that we do everything we can to make a difference together and for each other.
  • We trust that we treat each other professionally and with respect.
  • We trust each other – both when present and when absent.
  • We trust that any disagreements arising among us will be dealt with in a constructive way.
  • We trust that anybody may give and receive constructive feedback in a professional way.
  • We trust that we comply with the agreed rules.
  • We trust that we always keep our promises.

  • We are honest with colleagues and partners in a constructive way, as it creates safety and prevents conflicts and distrust.
  • We are honest, when we make mistakes.
  • We are honest about our work.
  • We believe that honesty is the best policy.

  • We treat each other and our partners with decency and respect.
  • We treat others as we would like them to treat us.
  • We do not tolerate slander. We will always be loyal to each other.
  • We focus on helping each other and sharing knowledge and resources across our companies.
  • We see the best in each other.
  • We commend and acknowledge each other.

  • We have a sustainable culture, which improves personal development and welfare.
  • We have a sustainable approach to each other and to our partners.
  • We are loyal to each other and treat each other with respect, empathy, and acknowledgement.
  • We focus on manufacturing sustainable products.
  • We make sustainable decisions – whenever possible.

  • We are innovative in all aspects of our business – whenever possible.
  • We always try to be one step ahead.
  • We have an instinctive passion for change and development.
  • We believe in opportunity and growth.

  • We always use our values as a starting point and focus on the individual when doing business.
  • We will always make an effort to optimise processes and create the best results for ourselves and our partners.

  • Through visionary thinking, we will always see opportunity in trends and changes in the market, in our business, and in people around us.
  • We think in terms of possibilities and do not see limitations when we develop ideas.
  • We think big, set lofty goals, and have high expectations to the development of the company and to each other.

The logo represents our values and our conduct. At the same time, the triangles symbolise our group of companies.

All the companies gather around the T in the logo (Thygesen Textile Group) and point at the same target. This expresses togetherness, community, and consensus.

Anniversary Film

Click on the image to get an insight into our company and its history through our 90-year anniversary film.

Togetherness, innovation, honesty, decency, trust, and sustainability are essential elements of our work and our dealings with clients and partners.

We Pull Together…